Welcome to Coin Design, your go to place for high quality coin jewellery.

Looking for a unique gift for someone special? Here you can find high quality jewellery, handmade from a coin minted in a year that was special to them.

Our Products

Our range of hand made jewellery has been perfected over the years to create a variety of high quality necklaces, cufflinks and other items of jewellery and accessories.

The cut out items are all done by hand using a jewellers saw, the intricate detail makes our items stand out from the rest. Every letter and number have the supports needed to be strong enough for every day wear. The pieces are hand polished before being plated which brings them to life.

The enamelled items are all individually painted by hand. The strong colours allow the finest details to be painted. A clear resin protects the paint from discolouring or being damaged quickly. Due to the coin being left solid, both the head and tail side of our necklaces are enamelled. 

The gold and silver plating on all of our pieces not only enhances the appearance but improves the durability, allowing them to be worn for much longer without discolouring.  

All of our products come in our modern presentation boxes with a certificate of authenticity making them the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries.